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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 9

This is my morning shot of Grinder The Cat, at his food, the strange floor quality in this photo is from an old hot water heater for years ago not Grinder food.

No photos of me, not now.

I went out for Breakfast on Commercial drive, no photos, and very quiet on that street, few cars, few people biggest line up was at my bank.

Well Grinder and I have just been napping on the couch and I cooked up some food for the TV watching the games in CTV and yes Kate the intern has another hour in the lineup at 5pm, she is lined up for the zip line.

I am getting some 2010 calendars together for the D.O.A. show tonite at the Rickshaw.

I just got back from sound check at the Rickshaw, had to use the back door in the DTES. I will be heading back a bit later it's 7:13 now.

The Rickshaw has the lighting rig from Richard's on Richards, and some of the sound system.

Fear Of Tomorrow



the floor after the show

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