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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 10

Now double number, and one well watered and fed cat Grinder, the flying poop monkey as Keith used to call him.

Today was my son's birthday, they picked me up and we headed into downtown this was our first stop and he opened some presents, he is showing off his new ring on his middle finger, it was a running joke all day, 'do you want to see my new ring.'

It was very crowded on Robson Street, the crowds were so red and white.

2 chairs and a table at the energy smart place.

these two very different stores with me in the middle.

Dave hams it up watching the hockey game Canada vs USA

My day ends at a pub with friends, the is Dave, and he is having a good time, Canada did not win tonight but fun had by all.
Grinder and I are tired little beings who need our sleep.


  1. Thanks for doing this Bev and thanks for reminding me just what night it was Devo played Van the first time they were through town. Saw Randy Hansen and Sparkling Apple earlier that same night.
    Did not see any old punkrockers in the Olympic crowd on Saturday. I hope some of them have been out to enjoy the fun.

  2. Great you got to spend some time with your son..
    Happy Birthday to him :)

    oh..and happy birthing day !