a photographer talks

Saturday, February 12, 2011

single and some good reasons

This one photo has two good reasons.

Size 7 - 8 now what the fuck is that, small small and small.

Value Village tag $ 1, 299.99 + 12 % tax. Ha

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

blogging about sex, including sexual experience in your blogs

I went to an interesting blogging discussion group this evening. The topic tonight was sex, including the subject of sex within your blogs, or creating a separate blog. There was a panel of 3 women who have blogs about themselves as sexual beings. I learned some interesting things.

They all speak in blogs in the 1st person about their experiences, fantasies, and opinions. They all fiercely protect the identity of the other person and still ask permission when ever possible.

I learned that women and gay men make up the majority of this type of blogging. Straight men not so much. Some straight men work reviewing porn movies and blog reviews but for money it seems. The blog as a tool for a writer to explore their own sexuality, feelings, and sex life is an area where women and gay men are finding some satisfaction (yes I know) in the process of blogging and sharing their opinions and feelings and experiences.

I understand I am lucky to live in a country where I am not afraid to blog about sex because of the government but that does not take the fear away for me. I am trying to share more of me with people that I do not know so this would be a good place to start, sex.

Yup a good place to start, now just to start, one foot in front of the other right foot forward fist. Yup need to think a bit more, listen to my inner voice, clear my head and start in a while. Now love I could write about that until the morning.