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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeremy Fisher

The first time I head Jeremy Fisher was on CBC radio in 2007. I was late to find his music, he was not on any of the paths I was listening to. However like almost all music I love, it is an instant reaction. Yes I can learn to like some music, but love is instant and this song by Jeremy Fisher stole my heart. I added to my Myspace and listened often. Here is a link to it on Youtube. Close your eyes, the video is done by Jeremy, but the first few times it may distract you from the true centre of this song. ♥

One day I was looking at listings of up coming concerts. There it was Jeremy Fisher at St. James Hall in Kitsilano. I sent a message though Myspace and asked Jeremy for a pass to take photos. The show was a friendly, amazing concert, with the audience participating from time to time, and Jeremy with his warm friendly stage presents refreshing.

I found him harder to photograph, my eyes saw softness, my camera saw hard edges. I tried different setting and still the same. It was not until Hannah Georgas, who had opened, returned to the stage. They sang together. The images were softer, I have no answer to why, I just know what happened.

I noticed that Jeremy was on the list of entertainers at the Surrey Jul 1, 2009 and my son and family, who live in Surrey were going. I arranged to meet them there, and arranged for a pass through The Skinny newspaper. The day was bright, sunny. Free parking, free entry, only in Surrey I think.

Jeremy told us all about the lady bugs on his collar, the pink ones and his red running shoes for Canada Day.

I love this last photo taken from back stage, sometimes they work sometimes the don't. This one works for me.

I saw Jeremy again at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. He was traveling as part of The Malahat Revue with Said The Whale & Hannah Georgas and Aidan Knight. They were on tour on bicycles. They were doing a 2 week tour on bicycles ending at our Folk Festival.

Now there is a new C.D. and a new video, and yes please listen and look at the new video. The video is amazing, and so is the song.

Thanks Jeremy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Night of The Undead part 4 (bands 13, 14)

13) 12:00-12:13 MotorDust


14) 12:20-12:33 Ramores

The Ramores

Night of The Undead part 3 (bands 9,10,11,12)

9) 10:30-10:53 Curious George

Curious George

10) 11:00 - 11:13 Melody Pimps

Melody Pimps

11) 11:20-11:33 Grooveaholics

The Grooveaholics

costumed ladies at the ladies room

12) 11:40-11:53 Rexxxilos

The Rexxxilos

Night of the Undead part 2 (bands 5,6,7,8)


5) 9:20 - 9:33 pm Spasms/Cramps

in the 'wings' waiting

6) 9:40 - 9:53 ICKYPOP


7) 10:00 - 10:13 pm Rude Norton

Nun joins Rude Norton on stage

8) 10:20 - 10:33 Bombshells

The Bombshells

Night of the Undead (bands 1, 2, 3, 4)

Poxy Music

1) 8 - 8:13 pm Poxy Music

2) 8:20 - 8:30 pm Creepy Crowleys

Creepy Crowleys

3) 8:40 - 8:53 Lizard People

Lizard People

8:53 pm Ghosts at the Rickshaw

Rickshaw ghosts

4) 9:00 - 9:13 Greenback High

Greenback High

The 1st four bands were on and off the stage by 9:13 pm and the place was buzzing, the next blog will have 4 more bands.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Randy Quaid part 2

The crowd at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearing was larger today. Randy arrived walking toward the building, he stopped on the street to talk to a man drinking coffee.

Randy's next court date for Refugee hearing is Nov 8 but there are things to consider his new lawyer stated. Randy read a statement to the press after he had returned to the ground floor. He spoke with a loud clear voice, and only broke when he spoke of his friends who were dead, he asked us all how many close friends had died for us and then his voice stopped and slightly faltered, then Randy told us their names.

So we will need to wait to see what option he picks. As Randy Quaid left he walked toward the edge of the side walk, and shouted Evi over to the post office 15 minute parking and returned to walking with his lawyer.

This last photo is of a man and his boy/bear listening to Randy read his statement.


at my nana's farm in Ontario Nov 2002

This photo is of Keith, my friend who came to Ontario with me and my cat Grinder after my mother passed away. We were packing their pottery for a donation to a gallery that would take place in the spring. We also were packing the house to ship to BC. It was a sad and yet glorious time. This picture was taken at my Nana and Grandpa's farm outside of Verona Ontario. Keith is wearing his poppy.

Growing up in Canada, I had a poppy every year for Remembrance Day and it all seemed very traditional. Over the years I sometimes bought poppies and sometimes not. When I first met Keith, and the first Nov 11 came near, he not only insisted on buying us poppies but we wore them on everything when we went out. He said it was important. I had gone to some of the Nov 11 gatherings at the cenotaph but we never missed one over the years. Keith used to remind me to bring tissues 'because you always cry.' Miss him.

Well yesterday was the 1st poppies I saw for sale (donation) so I bought one and the seller pinned on my jacket. There is some crap about not wearing one this year, you can look that up if you want, I really can not be bothered to do that. Here is a photo in my kitchen with the poppy on my coat, to be worn proudly and with gratitude.