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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yes I went to Austin Psychedelic Festival for the second time this year. I will start posting some photos and add as I can. I saw this on the floor at the airport waiting to get on the airplane.

This is the poster for the 2014 APF pre party at Red 7 in the city.

Breakfast was a waffle shaped like the state of Texas. I was staying at  Le Quinta Motel where Sabzz and Parker were also staying. Sabzz was flying in from Germany and Parker from Washington and I would see them at RED 7 pre party that night. 

I booked a room with 2 queen size beds so that one could be my closet. I can make a mess of a room in a very short time.

I went for a swim,  bit of a walk in the pool that was 4ft 6in at the deep end. No was around. 
Then I took a cab to downtown Austin to check out were RED 7 was and get lunch. Dave Olson was in Austin but though we messaged each other to meet for lunch it did not happen. Dave is a friend from Vancouver who was in Austin for other reasons.

RED 7, cool sign.

Another cool sign Red Eyed Fly.

So I ate at Stubbs, BBQ was ok but somehow it was not as good as I had thought it would be.

But having a friend who's last name is Stubbs, I thought is was a good place to get him a t-shirt.

I walked around the area for a while and found this red wall that has staples and more staples from many poster I guess.

I sat outside in the lane and listen to the Warlocks sound check. I did not hear my favourite song but they did play it later that night. Shake The Dope Out.

cut and paste in youtube, and turn it up loud

Monday, September 8, 2014

shirt by

yet again

6 hours talking on the phone to a nice man I was contacted by on Plenty of Fish

that was last night

today I get a note from him that his x has contacted him, and he wants to put meeting me for coffee off, as it is not fair to her.

I blocked him, called him and said I thought his behaviour had an undertone that even having a coffee was off limits.

Yesterday he was single and today.... god I hate people that I do not know, and I love my friends, those of you that know me.

My mood.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

year and no blog

Well one year I ignored this blog. Seems a bit careless on my part. That could be. I just goy back from The Austin Psych Festival. I think this is one of the most amazing little festivals. I bought my tickets for my flight in February and looked forward as the Canadian money fell in value.

Well I am sitting in the same place with the same pants on, strange loop. I often think if time and how strange it is. What do you guys think of time? The Jumbo box of raisin brand is gone.
I took this photo with my iPad Mini. I have to stop going into the Apple store, it must be the lights, or the air.