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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yes I went to Austin Psychedelic Festival for the second time this year. I will start posting some photos and add as I can. I saw this on the floor at the airport waiting to get on the airplane.

This is the poster for the 2014 APF pre party at Red 7 in the city.

Breakfast was a waffle shaped like the state of Texas. I was staying at  Le Quinta Motel where Sabzz and Parker were also staying. Sabzz was flying in from Germany and Parker from Washington and I would see them at RED 7 pre party that night. 

I booked a room with 2 queen size beds so that one could be my closet. I can make a mess of a room in a very short time.

I went for a swim,  bit of a walk in the pool that was 4ft 6in at the deep end. No was around. 
Then I took a cab to downtown Austin to check out were RED 7 was and get lunch. Dave Olson was in Austin but though we messaged each other to meet for lunch it did not happen. Dave is a friend from Vancouver who was in Austin for other reasons.

RED 7, cool sign.

Another cool sign Red Eyed Fly.

So I ate at Stubbs, BBQ was ok but somehow it was not as good as I had thought it would be.

But having a friend who's last name is Stubbs, I thought is was a good place to get him a t-shirt.

I walked around the area for a while and found this red wall that has staples and more staples from many poster I guess.

I sat outside in the lane and listen to the Warlocks sound check. I did not hear my favourite song but they did play it later that night. Shake The Dope Out.

cut and paste in youtube, and turn it up loud

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