a photographer talks

Thursday, March 15, 2012

writing a blog about not writing a blog

I take photos a lot and draw sometimes, and sometimes I write. I am writing in my head all the time, or maybe that is thinking, but I think of it as writing.

The past few weeks I have been writing in my head about places in this city that seem to be a cross road in my life. Places where I have been many times in different stages in my life.

Broadway and Main comes to mind. Lately I have been going into the Tim Horton's there to get coffees to take to my friend Ron's place at 28th and Main. This building used to be my bank years ago. It was the bank that had my safety deposit in, the one with my Brick Shares, my free experiment in owning shares, BC Government's waste of tax payer's money.

It was the corner where Keith and I used to go to a bake shop that had day olds and took them to his place at 10th and Main to have with coffee while I was living in my house with no hot water, under construction stuff, or the contractor taking money from my purse, I think the later. Keith would have a hot bath ready and coffee and I would bathe and drink the coffee, eat the pastry and leave for work.

It is the corner near where I found Keith dead in his apartment in July 2007. It has been hard going there for a long time.

But is just a corner, as Neil sings 'all my changes were there' well some of them anyway. Photos to follow and more about the corner of Broadway and Main. There, did it blogged. Ha