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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 week from today

I think my mind is not really able to understand that I will be in London this time next week. I think back to going there alone when I was a teenager and how it just happened. Waving goodbye to mom and dad, getting on the plane and going, easy it was. Maybe in someways it was all a mystery to me, a door that I just walked though. I am not saying I was not excited, I was just not scared. Now not so sure.

I need to get one of those plugs to changed whatever we have here into current that will charge my electric crap. computer, battery chargers, iPhone. See worry, does it come because I am an adult, I thought I was when I went over with D.O.A. but traveling in a pack has it's distractions.

There are a few things I want to do there, most of all just be there, and yes see Anton and his band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. That is why I am going.

London in 1963 was the centre of the universe. I will look for a photo of me there beaming.

1981 with D.O.A. was an invasion, Dead Kennedys and D.O.A at the Lyceum.

Now I just need to pack.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am staying at the university of London rooms. There a a few things I want to do in London and one is to go and see the Grecian Urn that the poem Ode to a Grecian Urn was written about by John Keats. 'She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss  Forever wilt thou love, and she be fair!'

This will mean a lot to sit in the British Museum and look at the young couple who never in 3,000 years reached the kiss, never touched, forever just about to but never. Magic lives there and to sit and look will be wonderful, alone but sharing with my heart.


Sometimes it is not the right time to write about something but I need to put a place marker in to write at a later time. I am going to London to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre for 2 shows. I will be leaving in 1 week tomorrow, excitement has not set in and I seem to be packing slowly, clothing very little camera equipment a bit and cleaning up my computer to take it with me. I need to get one of those plugs to plug all cords into to recharge everything.
I have found that the London venue has a strict camera policy so will need to ask the band to get my camera (SLR) in to the show. Fingers crossed.
I have my train ticket to Manchester and back, plus 3rd day free train included on a 3 day pass. I will try to get to Brighton, love it there and will think of May 1964 Easter weekend when the mods and the rockers had a big clash there, google it is you wonder. I was not there but it did happen and is part of the history of Rock and Roll.
The last time I was in London was 1981 with D.O.A. on their first English dates. It was really quite good. I was talking to Randy Rampage the other day and he says The Grey Hound that they played at was the same (seems to be 2) but that one is where Joy Division played, so I can tick that off my Manchester list as I was there in 1981. I will try to add a photo from there now, this new blogger is different ick.

I will be blogging from London and talking of D.O.A. trip and this 2012 trip. Yes it was fun going there with D.O.A. This time I thought a friend from London was going to have some time to spend showing me around 'his London' but it seems not to be. I will let my memories of going there with the most notorious Canadian punk band serve as my guide. I went with the great line up of Joe Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage, and Dave Gregg. More memories later. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sometimes you need to stop and rip it up and start again

Thursday, March 15, 2012

writing a blog about not writing a blog

I take photos a lot and draw sometimes, and sometimes I write. I am writing in my head all the time, or maybe that is thinking, but I think of it as writing.

The past few weeks I have been writing in my head about places in this city that seem to be a cross road in my life. Places where I have been many times in different stages in my life.

Broadway and Main comes to mind. Lately I have been going into the Tim Horton's there to get coffees to take to my friend Ron's place at 28th and Main. This building used to be my bank years ago. It was the bank that had my safety deposit in, the one with my Brick Shares, my free experiment in owning shares, BC Government's waste of tax payer's money.

It was the corner where Keith and I used to go to a bake shop that had day olds and took them to his place at 10th and Main to have with coffee while I was living in my house with no hot water, under construction stuff, or the contractor taking money from my purse, I think the later. Keith would have a hot bath ready and coffee and I would bathe and drink the coffee, eat the pastry and leave for work.

It is the corner near where I found Keith dead in his apartment in July 2007. It has been hard going there for a long time.

But is just a corner, as Neil sings 'all my changes were there' well some of them anyway. Photos to follow and more about the corner of Broadway and Main. There, did it blogged. Ha