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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sometimes it is not the right time to write about something but I need to put a place marker in to write at a later time. I am going to London to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre for 2 shows. I will be leaving in 1 week tomorrow, excitement has not set in and I seem to be packing slowly, clothing very little camera equipment a bit and cleaning up my computer to take it with me. I need to get one of those plugs to plug all cords into to recharge everything.
I have found that the London venue has a strict camera policy so will need to ask the band to get my camera (SLR) in to the show. Fingers crossed.
I have my train ticket to Manchester and back, plus 3rd day free train included on a 3 day pass. I will try to get to Brighton, love it there and will think of May 1964 Easter weekend when the mods and the rockers had a big clash there, google it is you wonder. I was not there but it did happen and is part of the history of Rock and Roll.
The last time I was in London was 1981 with D.O.A. on their first English dates. It was really quite good. I was talking to Randy Rampage the other day and he says The Grey Hound that they played at was the same (seems to be 2) but that one is where Joy Division played, so I can tick that off my Manchester list as I was there in 1981. I will try to add a photo from there now, this new blogger is different ick.

I will be blogging from London and talking of D.O.A. trip and this 2012 trip. Yes it was fun going there with D.O.A. This time I thought a friend from London was going to have some time to spend showing me around 'his London' but it seems not to be. I will let my memories of going there with the most notorious Canadian punk band serve as my guide. I went with the great line up of Joe Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage, and Dave Gregg. More memories later. :)

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