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Sunday, February 14, 2010

day 2

Today I slept on the couch with the NBC coverage on the TV waking from time to time and back asleep. It was the second day of Olympics and I needed to get out and about. The Jem Gallery is part of the Art Walk in Gastown. I drove to the gallery and Carola and I walked over to Tinseltown and then I headed to see Wilco, in the rain in Yaletown. That was when things started moving a bit sideways. Walkways are dark and full of people nice people though. This photo was taken somewhere between Tinseltown and the walkway at False Creek.

I passed a band doing Doors covers, small crowd watching, but I kept going to see Wilco in Yaletown, and I could hear them.

I would have needed to get there by 6 or 7 to get in. Ha, headed for Granville Island by boat, night rain, sea, little boat, life jackets under the seat.

mmm... started to notice the time lag from shutter to photo on my irritating little point and shoot.

I couldn't get in anywhere on Granville Island, so I used the wifi just outside Switzerland House and then headed home on the Bombardier free train, Skytrain and bus.

Listen or talk they each have their own buttons, and go early. What I learned today. The city feels good out there.

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  1. I loved this post with your pic's Bev..
    I felt like I was out and about with you.
    (one day!!! I