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Sunday, October 3, 2010

To the woman who asked Rampage who the two grannies were that he was sitting with

Dearie you don't need to think too hard, we can take you out in a second.

Moving along to the real reason of this blog, DOA was at the Biltmore, on Friday night. I never feel really comfortable at the Biltmore. The staff are nice, drink prices, I have no idea but free water, it's encounters and stories that leave me feeling that I may be in the wrong place. If I was ever to feel at home there, a DOA show should do it. Yes and mostly it did, but young mindless cupcake, you need to ask me who I am, and Susanne, we just might have bricks in our purses to explain (thanks Mary J).

Real Problems

Real Problems was up 1st, a lot of people missed them. The crowd was a bit small at that early time. They were worth seeing, but too young to stay in the club.

The next band up was Childsplay, real good solid set, electric shirt. They are worth checking out if you missed them Friday nite.

Childsplay at the Biltmore

Before the Little Guitar Army came on Sonny and Linda came over and I took a photo of Randy Rampage with them. Linda was covered in glitter, no light here so may not show in photo, but trust me she was covered in glitter.

some army and Randy (Sonny, Randy and Linda)

Linda and the Little Guitar Army

Joe Shithead on stage - D.O.A.

Joe Shithead on stage - D.O.A.

suff to buy, it was D.O.A. record release party after all.
You can look and maybe order from

DOA stuff for sale plus seller

I am off to the movies this week. Check back in.

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  1. Cupcake was probably the same sweetie who could not come to grips with my rusty appearance as well. Young people have lots to choose from when it comes to choosing their greatest fear but it is getting old that they deep down just about always fear most.