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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flying to Austin, and attending the APF

The Black Angels stated a small festival 6 years ago to have their style, and favourite music heard by friends and fans. This year was the 1st time it was in an outside setting for 3 days and nights on Alex (singer for Black Angels) grandfather's ranch by the Colorado river, in Austin. I just received some of the stats, and will add here before I start a stream of photos I took last weekend, in Austin Tx.

  • 74% increase in tix sales (1900 last year to 3300 this year).
  • 4,000 attendees at our peak.
  • Roughly 613 campers.
  • 80 bands over the weekend (broken down below):
  • Red 7 -  pre party Thursday night April 25 2013
  • Mohawk -  pre party Thursday night April 25 2013
    Friday - 20 bands played April 26 2013
    Saturday - 24 bands played April 27 2013
    Sunday - 20 bands April 28 2013

I took this photo while I was sitting at the gate waiting to get on the plane to head to Austin by way of Dallas. I have not turned the photo to read correctly on this new mac. Even by then I knew I had taken to much, all carry on.

There were many bands I was looking forward to hearing, but none so much as Nonni and his band Dead Skeletons from Iceland. This photo that I love I will put 1st. Yes it is blurry but to me, though I wish it was clear the magic come through the blurry. They were playing in the dark, well almost but the majick shines.

This collection was at some airport of Donald Ducks and Mickey Mouse, massive collections under glass.

I went outside for a cigaret in Dallas and had to do the shoes off and bet and body check but took this photo outside the Dallas airport.

The first night in Austin I stayed at a hotel near the airport and when I got to my room, A Place to Bury Strangers had just finished their set at the pre party, did want to see Oliver and the amazing band but was arriving to late. The parties went on to 4 AM, me sleeping, ick. But anyway. Breakfast at the hotel and headed of to the Duplex Vanessa and I had rented for the weekend. Brian Koss picked me up, we went to Vic BBQ were I ate to much BBQ. Brian can fill in the details. 

Somehow we found the festival and I can see why nothing got started until the afternoon.

We followed the porch to the gates and yes it was still in the parking lot the next day.

The gates welcome me to a new reality for 2013

The first t shirt I saw were from the Dead Skeletons from iceland. There really was no need to take more than one t shirt to Austin. :)

There were 3 stages, The Reverberation Stage, The Elevation Amphitheatre (by the river), and the Levitation Tent. 

I run into Brian Jonestown people in all the best places, The Committee to Keep Music Evil had a t shirt and merch table. I got Daniel the BJM sticker for his guitar, they did not have them on tour last year

Bass Drum of Dead 4:30 pm on the Reverberation Stage. I had not heard or seen them but will listen to more and love the name. :)

Besnard Lakes were on next, on the Reverberation Stage, a bit later I got backstage by mistake and took this group shot, someone took a photo of me taking this photo, if you see it let me know, ha.

North West of the APF was an airport for private flight, jets and noon commercial flight, oil money. This is Texas after all.

I saw was Vietnam, 6 pm at the Elevation Amphitheatre by the Colorado river. This is the second time I have seen Vietnam and damn they have got better. This wild collection of disks was at the front of the Elevation Amphitheatre. Staring at it could be dangerous.

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