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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

inside my house

I bought a new camera, 50D and Have been using in my house to take a collection of of photos of some of the vignettes. Some I have posted on Flickr and some not, but a collection is here. This 1st photo is taken from the 'control seat' in my TV room looking into a very messy library. I will add the cleaned up one when I get it done.

new camera and  same library, bit messy

I have a modest collection of hats, and this is one hanging on the wall of the library.


The gilt clock has been mine for as long as I can remember, it may have come from my dad's great Aunt Florie about 1955, we received a lot of things from her estate, that would be a nice photo collection. Anyway back to the clock, It never worked and it may have had hands at some time. Above the clock is a plastic ear, that's a pencil sharpener my son gave me, there is a nose somewhere also. The rabbit is a box that comes apart with some tricks.

handless clock from my childhood

The photo is to the right of the photo with the clock in the library, the rabbit is a bank and advertising item for Wabasso bedding.

bunny in the back

I have a modest collection of buttons. When I was a child we drove to my nana and grandpa's and stayed there on weekends. On Sunday I was not allowed to play with toys, it was child's work, so I looked through my nana's button boxes. I keep them in jars to see them.


This shelf has the photo case that my father carried inside his army uniform. The photo to the left is their wedding photo and the on the right is my mom. She never came to this house and yet I often feel her here. Hi mom.


This shelf has a mug by my mom to the left and the the right of that is a mug by my dad then my sewing box. I took the DeSoto ashtray I took from a truck at the dump on Bowen Island years ago.

DeSoto ash tray

The crock came from my mom's collection of crocks it is E. S. & B. New Brighton PA. 2 gallon preserve jar.

crock and candle sticks

There is no writing on this crock, it's shape tells me it's a butter crock, there are some books in this photo, after all it is the library.

a short crock

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