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Monday, June 14, 2010

Today has been a strange day. When I first woke up I was almost unable to walk about my bedroom, either dizzy or off balance, I have been being treated for an auto accident and this comes and goes. It seems to have come back.

I am still locked out of Myspace. I miss making comments and adding videos on Anton's page as he tours with the band. Still not sure the Vancouver show will happen.

The woman who rented a room from me for 6 months in my home contacted me by email and asked me to remove her name from my Flickr, her emails were the most disgusting and hurtful things I have ever read. Right back at you child. This was a low point today.

I was deleting a voice mail and it passed on to saved messages. I heard Keith's voice say bev. I have saved these messages never listening from Jul 2007. Keith died that July and I have saved those messages. This so familiar loving voice saying my name from so long ago, what a special sad treat.

My son came and helped with a few things around the house today. We worked on door knobs and shower rods and weed eaters.

As I said today was a strange day.

I am watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth and it's not that good, Keith said the story was one of his favourite so much must have been lost in it's adaption from Jules Verne to this movie.

Anton just cancelled the Vancouver show.

top 3 quotes

Dirt in the fuel line... just blowed it away. C.W. Moss
sorry...but it's true...the vancouver show is canceled - sorry. Anton Newcombe
don't take the brown acid. Wavy Gravy


Earthquake measured at 5.7 shakes Southern Calif.
(AP) – 53 minutes ago
Moderate earthquake hits eastern Taiwan; no reports of casualties or damage
(CP) – 4 hours ago
Swarm of earthquakes strikes southern San Diego County
June 14, 2010 | 9:59 pm
Update: 5.7 Magnitude earthquake shakes Los Angeles, 13 aftershocks recorded
Monday June 14, 2010 - 11.07pm
Quake rattles southern California
June 14. 2010
Earthquake : Magnitude 7.5, Location : India’s Nicobar Islands
16 hours ago
No damage or injuries reported in Japan quake
noon yesterday

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