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Friday, November 20, 2009

Personal and Confidential
Delivered by Hand
RE: Expectation

The purpose of this letter is to summarize for you the main points of discussion from our meeting along with the expected outcomes. In addition to ourselves, this meeting was attended by Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock.

In opening, I recapped the chronology of our meetings over the past year. As we discussed, the following expectations taken from the September 17,, 2008 review meeting continue to be required in several key areas for your future performance as an employee with the ministry of silly walks.

1) Use discretion with the amount of information you take to your Supervisor. Please ask direct and clear questions. As agreed, your Supervisor will tell you if you are presenting too much information when asking questions.

2) Limit conversations with fellow employees and refraining from over-explaining personal stories and office happening.

3) We discussed how certain workplace incidents may cause you to be emotional. You are to refer to and follow office protocal in these situations. If you do not know what office protocols exist, please discuss them directly with your Supervisor.

In closing our meeting I once again asked you if you felt you were feeling healthy and medically capable of being at work. You indicated to me that you were.

These expectations must be met. If you have any questions please contact me directly or speak with your Supervisor, Mrs. Peacock.

Yours truly

One big zero

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