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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My dear friend Keith Kistmanson died in July 2007. This photo was taken 2 days before when we were at the hospital, I saw this heart and asked him if it was OK to take this photo. This was almost 2 years ago. He left 3 messages on my phone July 10, 2007 and 2 messages July 17. I know those dates because every 40 days BC Tel makes me decide if I want to keep them again. I am advised that I have a message that will be deleted in 1 day received on July 17 from 604 873-0618 and then it plays the message. I hold the phone away from my ear, I can not bring myself to listen, and push 3 several times and then wait a second and push 9. I know this as well as I know how many toes are on my left foot. 40 days sound like a long time, and it is sort of. 40 comes up alot when you google it. The 9 year solar calendar can be divided by 40 evenly, but the article was a bit strange. In my life, as I feel the 40 day mark I get less likely to listen to your flashing message because before I can BC Tel will say "you have a message that will be deleted in 1 day."

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