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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 14

The sun is out today, too bright to sleep in and Grinder is wanting something, he just waits. Waiting involves standing on my hair when I am trying to sleep, licking my face and only going back to sleep after I have woken up for sure. I know I am lucky to have such a cat. ♥

I have very little knowledge regarding curling but I love the rings. But I know when the yellow rolled out and only one in the rings for Switzerland, Canada wins. We play for the gold metal 3 PM Friday. That was quite a game.

I just heard on the news that New York City is expecting 2 feet of snow today, now this photo was from Dec 2008 big storm, I measured 18 inches of snow. The thing about NYC, is they have no where to push the snow to. What they do is truck it and dump it into the east river. Two feet mmm....

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