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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Me talking with Susan for the Bloodied But Unbowed movie packet

Photos I took at the Smilin' Buddha 1979 to 1983

I have had a show at the Smilin' Buddha 109 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC and they have decided to make my photos a permanent installation on their walls. I am pleased.
Here are this photos, let me know your stories of the Buddha if you wish. All photos were taken at the Smilin' Buddha.

Film # 77A
Wimpy & Mike Normal, The Subhumans Oct, 1979

Film # 621
Garnet, Simon, Mark June 29, 1982

Film # 74
Heather & the Zellots Sep 8, 1979

Film # 9
Rock Against Racism
Agita & Wimpy May 5, 1979

Film # 72
Chuck Biscuits Oct, 1979

Film # 781A
Kill City, Ron Reyes on left Mar, 1983

Film # 78
Devices, Kim left and Sue on right Oct, 1979

Film # 62
Dead Kennedys 
Jello, East Bay Ray July 14, 1979

Film # 619.5
Zero Boys June 28, 1982

Film # 95
Dils Chip & Tony and Zippy on drums Nov 30, 1979

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

APF 2015 coming up

Faris Badwan and the Horrors May 3, 2014 APF

I love taking photos, some are just fleeting glimpses of what I saw. This is one of those photos, not for publishing but for seeing.

I think Gia has this drum head. She took it back to LA and then back to England, and she says it will be framed. This may have been the first show for this drum head, at the APF2014. 

I was waiting to go into the pit to photograph The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and looked to my left and saw this triangle, with a moon sliver shape at the top. Really that needs to be a good sign, really is. 

2015 come around but once

New Years Eve, I took the free bus and free Skytrain to my son's house. They picked me up at the skytrain station and to me, on the last day of 2014 to the warm, home for the evening.

The year 2015 started out with a party at my son's house, family setting food and taking photos. I was on the couch watching and waiting for something to eat.

it is a bit hard to see the food and the Happy new years sign. And Jan 1 2015 brought a triangle of chocolate, photographed and then gone. The magic trick of food.

I rode home on the Skytrain and caught up with a cold. I am still trying to let it go. It's the 14th day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yes I went to Austin Psychedelic Festival for the second time this year. I will start posting some photos and add as I can. I saw this on the floor at the airport waiting to get on the airplane.

This is the poster for the 2014 APF pre party at Red 7 in the city.

Breakfast was a waffle shaped like the state of Texas. I was staying at  Le Quinta Motel where Sabzz and Parker were also staying. Sabzz was flying in from Germany and Parker from Washington and I would see them at RED 7 pre party that night. 

I booked a room with 2 queen size beds so that one could be my closet. I can make a mess of a room in a very short time.

I went for a swim,  bit of a walk in the pool that was 4ft 6in at the deep end. No was around. 
Then I took a cab to downtown Austin to check out were RED 7 was and get lunch. Dave Olson was in Austin but though we messaged each other to meet for lunch it did not happen. Dave is a friend from Vancouver who was in Austin for other reasons.

RED 7, cool sign.

Another cool sign Red Eyed Fly.

So I ate at Stubbs, BBQ was ok but somehow it was not as good as I had thought it would be.

But having a friend who's last name is Stubbs, I thought is was a good place to get him a t-shirt.

I walked around the area for a while and found this red wall that has staples and more staples from many poster I guess.

I sat outside in the lane and listen to the Warlocks sound check. I did not hear my favourite song but they did play it later that night. Shake The Dope Out.

cut and paste in youtube, and turn it up loud

Monday, September 8, 2014

shirt by

yet again

6 hours talking on the phone to a nice man I was contacted by on Plenty of Fish

that was last night

today I get a note from him that his x has contacted him, and he wants to put meeting me for coffee off, as it is not fair to her.

I blocked him, called him and said I thought his behaviour had an undertone that even having a coffee was off limits.

Yesterday he was single and today.... god I hate people that I do not know, and I love my friends, those of you that know me.

My mood.