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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

front lawn

This morning I looked outside from the front hall and can see the mushrooms have been stolen. Yesterday they had opened and stood so proud. I took photos and admired the mushrooms many times, going onto the lawn and looking.

This was the most amazing one.

took photo for Alex this morning

Yesterday I was specking to Anton Newcombe on Skype, and the Black Angels. The Black Angels played Berlin yesterday, well night in Berlin and Anton was broadcasting live on Upstream live. This photo was taken off my computer.

Black Angels and Anton on live from Berlin

Later I spoke to them on Skype, and took my laptop outside and put it at the mushrooms to show how wonderful they were live by Skype on Upstream. The mushrooms were seen around the world and now the mushrooms are gone, so it is. Now time for coffee.

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