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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photos I took at the Smilin' Buddha 1979 to 1983

I have had a show at the Smilin' Buddha 109 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC and they have decided to make my photos a permanent installation on their walls. I am pleased.
Here are this photos, let me know your stories of the Buddha if you wish. All photos were taken at the Smilin' Buddha.

Film # 77A
Wimpy & Mike Normal, The Subhumans Oct, 1979

Film # 621
Garnet, Simon, Mark June 29, 1982

Film # 74
Heather & the Zellots Sep 8, 1979

Film # 9
Rock Against Racism
Agita & Wimpy May 5, 1979

Film # 72
Chuck Biscuits Oct, 1979

Film # 781A
Kill City, Ron Reyes on left Mar, 1983

Film # 78
Devices, Kim left and Sue on right Oct, 1979

Film # 62
Dead Kennedys 
Jello, East Bay Ray July 14, 1979

Film # 619.5
Zero Boys June 28, 1982

Film # 95
Dils Chip & Tony and Zippy on drums Nov 30, 1979

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  1. as always Bev - incredible shots that capture the magic that was in the air the moment your magic finger hit the button! The energy just explodes out of these images! Two of these I'd also never seen (Kill City with Benny, Ron and Steve and the Zero Boys). would you mind if I shared the Zero Boys image with them via email? They'd love to see this and would TOTALLY respect your copyright. Cheers! see you around soon I hope - Doug