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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeremy Fisher

The first time I head Jeremy Fisher was on CBC radio in 2007. I was late to find his music, he was not on any of the paths I was listening to. However like almost all music I love, it is an instant reaction. Yes I can learn to like some music, but love is instant and this song by Jeremy Fisher stole my heart. I added to my Myspace and listened often. Here is a link to it on Youtube. Close your eyes, the video is done by Jeremy, but the first few times it may distract you from the true centre of this song. ♥

One day I was looking at listings of up coming concerts. There it was Jeremy Fisher at St. James Hall in Kitsilano. I sent a message though Myspace and asked Jeremy for a pass to take photos. The show was a friendly, amazing concert, with the audience participating from time to time, and Jeremy with his warm friendly stage presents refreshing.

I found him harder to photograph, my eyes saw softness, my camera saw hard edges. I tried different setting and still the same. It was not until Hannah Georgas, who had opened, returned to the stage. They sang together. The images were softer, I have no answer to why, I just know what happened.

I noticed that Jeremy was on the list of entertainers at the Surrey Jul 1, 2009 and my son and family, who live in Surrey were going. I arranged to meet them there, and arranged for a pass through The Skinny newspaper. The day was bright, sunny. Free parking, free entry, only in Surrey I think.

Jeremy told us all about the lady bugs on his collar, the pink ones and his red running shoes for Canada Day.

I love this last photo taken from back stage, sometimes they work sometimes the don't. This one works for me.

I saw Jeremy again at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. He was traveling as part of The Malahat Revue with Said The Whale & Hannah Georgas and Aidan Knight. They were on tour on bicycles. They were doing a 2 week tour on bicycles ending at our Folk Festival.

Now there is a new C.D. and a new video, and yes please listen and look at the new video. The video is amazing, and so is the song.

Thanks Jeremy

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