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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Night at the Cobalt

Friday nite at the Cobalt

My cat Grinder woke me up just after 5 AM on Friday, worked all day and then went to pick Carola up about 9 PM. She was too sick to leave her house, she said. I tried to get her to change her mind 'cause Gabe had put us both on the list. Well the first band at the Cobalt was from Surrey, with the cool name of "Picking on Toddlers". That's them in the photo above.
I didn't know very many people at the show, and I left before "Raised by Apes" came on. Sorry next time I will stay. The stage lighting at the Cobalt was a bit brighter I thought but still way too red, so this photo of "The Remedials" went into photoshop.

The Remedials


  1. Nice pics Bev! So glad you came! Cheers, Cameron

  2. Hey Bev! I met you briefly at Northern Voice. I love your work (and I said hi to Kim from the Fastbacks for you). I'm relatively new to photography, but I'm making a stab at some rock photos over here:

    I'd be grateful if you took a look. Cheers!